Warcraft The Movie is slated to hit movie theaters in June.

“Warcraft” is slated to hit movie theaters in June. A large chunk of its prospective viewers are undoubtedly gamers who are hooked on the game. But Blizzard wants to gather more people to its cause and is doing so with some pretty sweet deals.

For those who, for some reason, haven’t heard the news, “Warcraft” is the big screen adaptation of “World of Warcraft”. Also known by the moniker “WoW,” the game is Blizzard’s most successful gaming franchise.

Gamers were first introduced to the massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in 1994 with “Warcraft: Orc & Humans.” Since then, Blizzard has released numerous sequels and expansions, not to mention various merchandise and novels.

A lot is riding on “Warcraft,” as very few games have been successfully adapted to the big screen. But Blizzard is stacking the odds in its favor by its promise to give free digital copies of the “World of Warcraft” game to moviegoers. Engadget has reported that moviegoers at select Edward Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and United Artists Theaters in the United States will be getting a full digital copy of the game, which includes all expansions right through “Warlords of Draenor” plus 30 days of game time. Members of the Regal Crown Club also have the chance to win a pair of tickets to BlizzCon 2016.

This sweet deal is not limited to US viewers as fans in Australia, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia will also be getting their own versions of the promo. If you’re in Brazil and want to get your free digital copy of the game, simply purchase your tickets from Ingresso.com, while those in Australia and New Zealand can watch the movie at any participating HOYTS cinema from June 16 to July 13 to get their copy. Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Golden Screen Cinema, SM Cinemas in the Philippines, Capitol Theatre in Singapore, and SF Cinemas in Thailand are all participating in the promo.

The promo will undoubtedly bring thousands more to the game, but there’s little doubt anyway that Blizzard Entertainment already has a winner in its hands.

“Warcraft” is set to be released in United Kingdom on 03 June .

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