Prison Break will release season 5

The first official trailer for “Prison Break” season 5 has been released by Fox and it immediately establishes the fact that Michael (Wentworth Miller) is alive and locked in a prison in Morocco. The rest of the trailer reveals subtle plot points regarding where the fifth season may be heading.

As stated in a report from Digital Spy, Sarah Wayne Callies is returning as Michael’s love interest Sara and the trailer also reveals their son asking about the nature of his father. The mother and son share a short exchange foreshadowing the eventual return of Michael.

The trailer then cuts to a scene of T-Bag (Robert Knepper) showing Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) a photograph of Michael locked in prison. A quick cut shows someone taking a photograph of Michael through a small hole and it is speculated that this may all be part of Michael’s plan in order to break out.

Other clips in the trailer show Lincoln gearing up and reuniting with Sara in order to assemble their team and break Michael out of prison. There is also a clip in the trailer showing Lincoln walking up to the prison bars and promising Michael that the team will be able to break the latter out soon, just in time to stop an impending crisis occurring in the city.

A few sequences in the trailer indicate that there is a plan to shut down the electrical power grid in the whole city, although it is unclear if this is solely for breaking out Michael out of prison or if it is also tied to the plan of stopping the season’s main antagonists.

According to a report from TV Series Finale, the trailer has become one of the most viewed promos on YouTube and as of the time of writing it has garnered over 7.6 million views, indicating that there is a strong interest in the revival series despite the last season and film being released back in 2009.

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